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Brautigam's Organic Garlic Juice  (500ml)

Brautigam's Organic Garlic Juice (500ml)

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Bräutigam's Organic Garlic Juice is a pharmaceutical grade food supplement that has been in the European market for some 80 years. It is made from freshly picked organic garlic grown in selected family-owned farms in Europe. Its unique method of production, using a patented process of cold aqueous extraction, ensures maximum bioavailability of nutrients including allicin, the main substance in garlic that has potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant functions.

* Made exclusively in Sweden - Natural and concentrated
* Made from organic garlic fresh-picked from biological, toxin free small farms in Europe
* Pharmaceutical grade with near 100% purity, with no dyes, fillers, binders, coatings or extenders

Intake suggestion:

Best to take 1 tablespoon diluted in lukewarm water once in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast and once in the evening just before bedtime, for one or two months. Then as a maintenance dosage, take one time daily, either morning or evening. When you have a cold, you should take half to one tablespoon (diluted in water) 3 to 5 times a day. You can also use the garlic juice diluted in some water to rinse the mouth when you have gum inflammation.